Who we represent in housing matters

We advise and act for tenants who are eligible to receive ‘legal help’ under the legal aid scheme. We do not advise or act for landlords.


How we can help you

We provide advice and representation on a range of housing issues including:

  • Homelessness reviews of negative decisions, appealing decisions in the county court and judicial review applications in the High Court;
  • Defending possession proceedings and warrants for eviction against public and private sector tenants, particularly where there are complex issues of fact and law giving rise to a defence;
  • Disrepair.


Are you eligible to receive legal help?

Before you visit or call us to make an appointment, you will need to check whether you are eligible to receive ‘legal help’. You can find out by completing the Legal Aid Eligibility Calculator.


How to access our housing services

Every Thursday between 10 am and 12pm. Please note that people are seen on a first-come, first-served basis and we may have to restrict numbers.

Access is initially through visiting our drop-in.