Camden Community Law Centre work with all people in the community to solve their problems and ensure the best outcomes for those who are facing disadvantages in the areas of employment, housing, welfare benefits, asylum and immigration. Our clients are mainly from the London Borough of Camden and surrounding areas.

Alongside our legal aid services and our free advice sessions, we offer low cost and fixed fee services. Our fees are set so that you are clear how much you will pay from the very start.

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Whether you have been unfairly treated, dismissed or discriminated against at work, we offer free initial advice through our dedicated drop in every Wednesday between 10.00-12.00.  We also offer fixed fee and no win no fee legal help and representation on more detailed matters.  We only ever represent employees so you can be assured that we will work tirelessly on your behalf to help you reach your end goal.



At present we can only offer help to clients who qualify for legal aid.  We offer a twice-weekly housing clinic every Thursday mornings from 10.00-12.00 where we will assess your case and tell you if you qualify for free legal representation under our legal aid contract, in which case you will be given an appointment with our Housing Solicitor.


Immigration & Asylum:

Our highly experienced Immigration team can offer you a fixed fee service on a range of immigration matters.  Whether you want to extend your permission to stay or apply to stay permanently in the UK, we can help you through the different stages.  Find out if you also qualify for free legal help and representation through our Legal Aid contract.

Whether you want to extend your permission to stay or apply to stay permanently in the UK, we can help you through the different stages.

Find out also if you qualify for free legal help and representation through our Asylum Legal Aid contract.

We have a dedicated immigration and asylum team that specialises in UK Asylum, Immigration & Nationality Law. We are accredited by both the Legal Aid Agency (LAA) and Lexcel to ensure we provide the best possible service. We cover basic immigration advice, right through to ligation to the High Court for Judicial Review matters.

We can provide you a detailed advice, full representation and appeal Advocacy to ensure that we take care of your case from beginning right through to the end. Our work is conducted under both, Legal Aid funding (for specific cases such as Asylum & Domestic Violence) and grant funded work for immigration and nationality matters.

If you live in Camden we offer a weekly drop-in clinic every Wednesday between 10.00-12.00.


Welfare Benefits:

Our specialist Welfare Benefits Caseworker is funded to offer advice on welfare benefits applications and concerns to disabled people living in Camden only.  We particularly specialise in helping people to challenge unfair decisions about their benefits.

We offer a drop-in service at the Legal Centre on Tuesday and Thursday between 10.00-12.00. No appointment is necessary. People are seen on a first come first served basis. We may not be able to see everyone who comes.

 By appointment If you live, work or study in Camden to book an appointment, call 020 7284 6510 Monday to Friday between 10am and 1pm.